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About Us

Susanne Hilton, CHt is a Consulting Hypnotist. She is a current Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.  She has received training through the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Hypnotherapy Academy of America where she received their certification as a Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has completed training in Pain Management, Surgery Preparation, Sleep Improvement, Sports Hypnosis and Golf Performance among others.

She has also earned the designation of Certified HypnoCoach, a practice that blends the practices of Hypnotherapy with Life, Sports and Performance Coaching for faster, even more dramatic results. If you need help staying on track to reach goals in an organized, effective manner, HypnoCoaching is the answer. It is a well known fact that people generally perform their best when they are being coached for success! 

Susanne first became interested in hypnosis back in 1984 when she successfully quit smoking with the use of hypnosis and has remained a non-smoker ever since. Her second life changing experience with hypnosis was in 2005 when she used hypnosis in conjunction with conventional medical treatments of surgery and chemotherapy in her battle against breast cancer. It was this experience that led to her desire to become a Hypnotist and to help others who may be able to benefit from hypnosis while facing critical or chronic illnesses, or to improve their everyday lives. 

Susanne works at the Sari Asher Center for Integrative Cancer Care in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and maintains a private office in Stuart, Florida.  She felt so strongly that the combination of traditional and complementary medical treatments made a significant difference in both her recovery rate and her emotional, mental and physical health that she changed careers in order to help others through their own medical challenges. It is her belief and experience that healing must include the mind, body and spirit. 

Being a lifelong athlete, her experience with the positive effects of hypnosis have also extended into the field of sports. She was an LPGA  Golf Teaching Professional and made use of hypnosis and positive imagery in her own golf game and the games of her students. In addition to individual programs for every level of athlete from beginner to professional, she has group programs designed to teach athletes to train their minds for better performance and to get more enjoyment out of their game.  Susanne uses her knowledge and personal experience first as a varsity athlete in several sports throughout school, then as a competing amateur golfer, and later as a teaching professional to help her clients maximize their potential.

As a Certified Sports Hypnotist and HypnoCoach, Susanne is the “Mind Coach” to participants and competitors in many different sports. The basics of good sports performance are relatively universal. They include confidence, concentration, focus, desire, and releasing performance anxiety, to name a few.