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Hypnosis... It's A Life Changer!!!

I've been smoke free for over 5 months without a single bad day.  That's after a pack a day for 50 years - that's a half a century!!!  Oh, a couple of times since my session I said to myself, "I think I'll sit down now and have a cigarette" and just as quickly, my brain responded "what, are you nuts - you don't smoke!"  And that was that.  I also find it interesting that I can be in the company of other smokers without it triggering the desire to smoke.    
So, thank you so much.  I had tried on my own and I learned that I couldn't do this without your help. 
G.L. Jensen Beach, FL

Hypnotherapy has been a blessing in my life. In only three sessions, I have found the ability to change my way of thinking which I was not able to do with years of taking prescription medicine or psychotherapy. I have had a long overdue awakening in my thought processes and feel more in control . My biggest regret is that I did not do this years ago as it has allowed me to find happiness, discipline and assertiveness which were lost in my subconscious mind. The mind is a powerful tool and we just need to learn how to use it to its' full potential. I highly recommend Sue and hypnosis therapy to anyone that is struggling or searching for answers and solutions.... 
E.W. Stuart, FL
I am now a non-smoker for over 25 years. I was a 3 pack a day smoker in my 20's and was married to a 3 pack a day smoker. Through hypnosis I was able to stop smoking without weight gain, irritability, and was a miracle. I was able to enjoy each day as a non-smoker regardless of the situations that I encountered daily. 
S. H. Stuart, FL