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What Is Performance Coaching?

What is Performance Coaching? 
Performance Coaching may take many forms. The method that I prefer and have found great success with is with a combination of Coaching, Hypnosis and NLP. 

What is Coaching? 
Coaching is the act of guiding, encouraging and teaching a person in order that they may accomplish their goals. These goals may be sports performance, academic performance, business performance or life performance. Having a coach is invaluable as any elite athlete will tell you. A Coach keeps you on track and helps you eliminate any roadblocks that arise in the pursuit of your goals. A Coach is also someone to be "accountable to". People are far more successful when they have someone that they trust that they must "answer to". 

What is Hypnosis? 
The definition of hypnosis is “a relaxed, focused state of concentration”. It allows our mind to focus intensely on a desired behavior or outcome and dramatically increase our success in achieving it.…all that is necessary is a sincere desire for change and rapport with your Hypnotherapist. Since our habits and emotions, successes & failures are stored in our subconscious mind, hypnosis is the fastest way to allow our minds to overcome our previous failures and to begin to consistently perform in a way that we desire. Think of it this we proceed through life many of the thoughts and emotions that have been adopted by our subconscious mind are no longer helpful in achieving our current goals. Hypnosis is like designing a new program for your mind that empowers it to acheive your current goals and desires. 

What is NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming? 
All of the events, beliefs, reactions, and teachings of life are woven together making you who you are today. When you experience, hear, see, smell, or feel something, you unconsciously, and from habit, perceive it through these installed beliefs and assumptions. Example: Two people can eat exactly the same food and one hates it and the other loves it depending on their programming. When you begin to change your programming you change your experience and change your life! Until you change your filtering, to a large extent, you are at the mercy of your unconscious "perceptual filtering". If this filtering is empowering that's wonderful...if it is a "barrier to success" it can limit your success and erode your dreams! 

If you find that you keep repeatedly getting the same results over and over no matter how hard you try to change things, it is due to this subconscious programming and must be dealt with subconsciously!