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What is Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?
The definition of hypnosis is “a relaxed, focused state of concentration”.  It allows our mind to focus intensely on a desired behavior or outcome and dramatically increase our success in achieving it.…all that is necessary is a sincere desire for change. Until recently it was assumed that it was similar to sleep, or that the mind was somehow unconscious.  In reality, there is a specific state that the brain enters into when it is receptive to suggestion. It is not an unusual state of mind, and may feel like you are not in hypnosis. Most people simply feel relaxed. 

Is Hypnosis dangerous?
Hypnosis is a normal state of mind, one which most people go in and
out of every day. When you are watching a movie that you are engrossed in, driving down a long monotonous road, listening to music that captures a mood or engrosses you, you are in a state of hypnosis. We experience hypnosis every day and don't even realize it. Whether you are in a guided hypnotic session, or driving down the road in trance, you have a part of you that is always aware and watching out for you. 

Will I divulge secrets while in hypnosis?
Not unless you choose to. You will not divulge anything that you would not ordinarily divulge. You always have a choice.... your brain continues to function and reason when you are in hypnosis. However, you may find that you discover some things about yourself, or your situation, that you were not consciously  aware of. What this means is that your subconscious mind may have some programming going on that you're unaware of that is adversely affecting your behavior and consequently your life.  The  good news is that when you discover this programming you can change it. So if you have ever wondered what might be holding you back, hypnosis is an excellent way to find it and move beyond it. 

Can Hypnosis make me do something against my will?
This is probably the biggest myth of all. When many people think of hypnotists they think of stage hypnotists. Stage hypnotists seem to make people do ridiculous things while hypnotized, but the truth is that these people are entirely open to be up on stage acting silly. You will not do anything, or accept any suggestion that goes against your morals or values. Hypnosis actually gives you more control over your mind, not less!  

Can anyone be hypnotized?
Almost everyone can be hypnotized. However because you are in total control you must allow yourself to go into hypnosis. Most people don't even think they are hypnotized after a session. It just feels like relaxation. What they do notice is that things have changed - maybe that day, maybe the next week. Sometimes the effects are delayed and subtle and sometimes they are immediate and profound. 

Is hypnosis effective for children? 
Yes it is. Children, by nature, are in an altered state of consciousness much of the time, therefore they are very responsive and are able to make significant changes in their behavior.