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Golf - The Mind Game

      Experts agree that once an athlete learns the physical fundamentals of their sport their performance becomes 95% mental.

If a professional golfer is leading their first major tournament, has been hitting every fairway all day, and suddenly yanks their drive OB, they have not forgotten how to swing! Chances are that their thoughts have distracted their body from swinging the club. 

And it is likely that if you are a golfer you have done this..."if I can just sink this putt I will par the hole...or break 90...or win the US Open!" And guess what happens....our conscious mind takes us out of the moment and into the future and WHAM...missed putt! Our conscious mind is also very capable of taking us into the past... a past that is filled with shots that we would rather CAN take us to wonderful shots and experiences from the past but it rarely does this without training!

When things go wrong on the course ,  it is likely that there is a lapse in focus, concentration or confidence...all of which are mind issues not physical issues. 

So in order to acheive your best MUST train your brain in addition to your body. This is true of every level of athlete from beginner to the most elite in their sport. Concentration, focus, and confidence are the keys to accessing "the zone".

Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis and NLP are important to the mind training of athletes of all levels. Using Hypnosis and NLP to train the subconscious mind to play on "autopilot" allows players to play at their maximum potential.

You can play rounds of golf that:
     seem Effortless and Enjoyable... 
     where you are Focused and Confident... 
     where your Natural Ability and Skill just flow
     reflect YOUR Peak Ability
     are Fun & Exciting again!!

You can have shots that are:
Accurate and Precise...
    Exciting and Rewarding 

You can have swings that are:
    Smooth & Relaxed

You can feel:
    Calm, Confident, Focused & Composed

These are the results of mind training with hypnosis and NLP.

Play at your peak potential with hypnosis...the pros do it, so should you!

            So what are you waiting for? 
         Train your Mind 
NOW for Better Golf!!!

Susanne Hilton

Certified Hypnotherapist & LPGA Teaching & Club Professionals Member